About Kitaru

Ki Ta Ru – n. “Spirit Blood Returns”

 1. Yuna folklore states after a thousand years of waiting, the return of an angel known as ‘Kita’, the promised hero, will lead them to victory over their oppressors

2. Science fiction RPG in a cyberpunk dystopia

Off in the Heli galaxy, on a vaguely familiar looking planet known as Sen IV, is a war plagued country of Taifa. Four factions, known as the Four Houses tear apart society over the struggle for money, power and control. Yuna, with their mystical powers, control the deserts. Rham control the weapons and the slave trade. Masel control the drug trade and Saph controls them all. In the war for dominance, the only thing maintaining order is Saph’s team of deadly assassins led by prodigy Akai. She is a beautiful, headstrong young soldier who has exceeded all other trainees in every regard, with the exception of her sadistic yet talented mentor Qoss. While Akai is overwhelmingly the most popular agent at Saph, she is sheltered from the others and something of a loner. As she petitions for greater freedom, Saph’s ruler insists Akai prove herself first. As she sneaks off for a taste of real action, she uncovers a plot by the rival Rham syndicate to traffic weapons into the city of Taifa Major under Saph’s nose. Is this Akai’s chance to prove herself or is she in way over her head? To what cost will her pride and impatience take her, or whose?


Celebrity Voices

We are honored to have among our voice cast Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of TV’s Ben10 and the Prince in the hugely successful Prince of Persia games. Yuri’s other credits include Men in Black III and Soulcalibur V. Joining him is Tara Platt, highly-regarded for her work on Final Fantasy XIII, Naruto, Bleach, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and many others.


Strategy and Gameplay

Kitaru differs from other RPGs with its many mini-games, turn based active-time battles and intuitive touch controls. The epic story of Kitaru unfolds over numerous episodes. The action packed game mixes RPG classics with postmodern storytelling. Kitaru features turn based active-time battles, third person exploration and conversation-driven NPC interactions. Battles are turn based in active time, where every ability has the potential to affect the flow of time for one or more characters. Strategy comes from players using time to their advantage. A command queue allows for macro management. Covert ops, assassinations, diplomatic duties and game-altering decisions are all at the mercy of the players in this intense narrative.


Release and Platforms

Kitaru is currently in development for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Windows PC and Mac. It is currently set for release this September 2012. Subsequent releases will follow on consoles via digital distribution on Microsoft Xbox LiveArcade, Sony PSNetwork and Nintendo WiiWare. Kitaru is being built in the Unity3D game engine, which readily exports to a variety of platforms. It is easier to scale up than scale down, which is why we are targeting mobile platforms first. Since they all use the same engine, Kitaru can be adapted to each platform instead of having to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Beta Release

Beta versions can be tested using Testflight and Prerelease versions will be gifted either via the App Store or through a limited-time download link. Once development is complete, Aoineko Studios will choose the best method to accomodate each preorder. All preordered copies will be DRM free.


The 3D world of Kitaru, its characters, environment and story have been in development for 5 years. The game itself has only been in development for less than a year. The script was written and rewritten, finally completed after 2 1/2 years. Over the course of the next 2 1/2 years, all of the 3D modeling and concept art was created while assembling what is now the Kitaru dev team.


Aoineko Studios

The brains and creativity behind the rich fantasy world of Kitaru, and owner of Aoineko Studios, is Ben Steele.  Ben Steele is award-winning artist & director of numerous international film festival awards, as well as, 2005’s “Fragile Machine,” named by Cyberpunk Review, the “Best Animated Film of the Year”.  He is also the winner of the Rock Star game upload competitions for digital art. Kitaru and its many unique characters are part of a fully-developed fantasy universe that Ben has written and crafted over the past five years in the finest detail, and is proving to be another award winning Aoineko development.

“We are excited to offer the first episodic mobile game of its kind.  The quality of the graphics and the world within the levels of Kitaru is at a standard that has not yet been achieved on these platforms.  This game is being built differently, as hardcore gamers want to see, but that are not provided by studios that are looking for easy and safe marketing.”

“I wanted to create a piece of science fiction that incorporated mysticism, philosophy and humor in ways I don’t usually see them included. In writing Kitaru, my goal was to show the vital role sacrifice plays in our life.”

— Ben Steele (Creater of Kitaru, owner of Aoineko Studios)



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